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Banca Mediolanum




Italy, various locations




Studio Isacco Brioschi Architects has taken care of the concept design for the development of the new Family Banker Offices of Banca Mediolanum S.p.A., with more than 200 branches in all of Italy.

In the modern architectural perspective, “designing” means now more than ever modelling spaces to support connecting experiences – putting new focus on the central role of man as a social element and not on the shape of the project / object itself.
The project therefore aims to achieve this status, integrating spacial and physical connections with a new form of flexibility, which leads to the definition and use of the public and private spaces. The bank offices, generally characterised by a formal and official atmosphere, have been shaped with the aim of creating an intimate space for customer care and meeting.

Every single detail has been studied with care to allow moments of synergy and exchange among the participants of the various meeting. The project itself The uniqueness of the architectural design is based on the idea of custom-made: every element in the buildings has been chosen depending on the taste and needs of the customer, starting from the elegant furniture to the complex definition of every lightning element, together with windows, expositors and chairs.


  • the lamp reproduces the symbol of the bank which “rotates around the customer”. This customization is perceived for the counter at the entrances and the background elements in natural wood, which seem to create the setting to welcome the customer in an elegant and familiar context.
  • the offices have been designed with the addition of ceiling photo murals of the many financial capitals worldwide with which Banca Mediolanum is connected. The name of each capital is mentioned on the glass entrance doors, where every element participates to the transparency of the project itself.
  • the meeting room, heart of the project, has been conceived as a high-tech multimedia room, with the aim of representing the world of Bank Mediolanum through its connections: a space which integrates reality and virtuality through videoconferences with customers and promotors.

Special Features: tailor-made lamps, logos, high-tech meeting rooms.