Palazzo Biandrà – Casa della consulenza Mediolanum




Banca Mediolanum






1700 sqm


Palazzo Biandrà – Casa della Consulenza Mediolanum (Hall e First Floor)
A sensorial experience able to combine architecture and art while maintaining the elegance and minimalism of shapes: the Mediolanum Consulting House (Casa della Consulenza) is a place where the thorough care and exquisite touch for colors, shapes and lights create a precious space able to give a contact point in the communication between professionals and customers.

Among the prominent elements the location is enriched with works by contemporary artists such as the paintings by Alberto Biasi, the sculptures by Helidon Xhixha or the installation by Raikhan Musrepova in the Lavazza corner.

The first floor was conceived as a repository of experiences, training events, meetings, dinners and networking moments. The structure is supported by pillars, which recall a portico. Like a game of openings and closures, the mobile walls widen the horizon and expand spaces according to need. The greenhouse is like a green curtain that caresses the eye.

The Coelux lights in the lounge on the ground floor radiate the atmosphere of open spaces, while an 18-meter LEDwall makes the customer reach with its images other places, symbolizing openness to the world.