Prada District










265 sqm


In the new Fondazione Prada area we are busy with the renovations of this 260 meters squared duplex apartment. Clean lines, delicate and warm colors, united by high-end finishes, such as collated bronze and the cement paste found among the furniture, they have determined an essential but contemporary style.
The project is full of arising details from the stratification of materials, a game of addition and subtraction. Such stratifications of cement are combined with embossed lacquers, bronzes and ribs of the wood.
In the staircase with a game of mirrors, an Escerian optical scenography was created.
The studio worked on the architectural renovations to all the custom-made furniture designs that created a style attached to the stylistic needs of the property, so as to determine a project in shared unison and that respected the personality of the clientele.
The sleeping area offers the guests two bathrooms, a gym, and a walk-in closet, so as to have a part of the house dedicated to their privacy.
To outline this need two kitchens were built, one of which on the lower level, the floor intented exclusively for the children.
The clients’ necessity to have a lot of storage space led the studio to create a boiserie with storage that does not appear to be wardrobes.