COFCO Penthouse










450 sqm


Project of a luxury duplex penthouse with a swimming pool on the floor, located in a very prestigious building in Shangai.
The client’s request was to define a ‘pilot apartment’, which
had the aim to represent an innovative showroom inside the house, to be easily repeated at need for the other 18 twin attics of the building. The stylistic sophistication and complexity of cultural references, defines this project as typical example of interior design.
The choices for the furniture and interior design focus on an Italian refined yet simple style, the most suitable way to develop the project. Inspiration arose also from the analytical Italian paintings, which we the most appropriate choice to interpret the project. A space to bond the architectural details with the interiors, where every shade and tone has been closely selected to match style and atmosphere.The style is predominantly simple and rich, where this contradiction develops in new shapes and ideas, transformable elements and emotions.
Special feature of the venue, is the materials used which change tone depending on the time of day.The room, like other parts of the house, thanks to surfaces that absorb the light in a different way depending on the time of the day, give life to the walls and give different perceptions and emotions. From its natural amorphous behaviour, the walls become active players in this game of light. If you move, the colours and feelings will change too. To the idea of the visitor, a living sculpture will open in front of your eyes.