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The new address, conceived as a meeting point between professionals and clients, was created as a forge of architectural formulas in which tecnological materials, art and nature blend into new inspirational compositions.
To welcome us beyond the entrance the great and evocative horizontal ceiling installation, composed of approximately 300 slats of different types of wood, corten and copper, suspended by simple transparent threads: a scenography capable of recreating the same atmosphere that we feel when crossing a green wooded spot and, looking upwards, we are enraptured by the changing shades of color thanks to the sun‘s filtering rays, so as to riproduce the scenic effect of that sun’s rays that penetrate the undergrowth.
In harmony with the effect of fluid lightness of the ceiling, as well as to give greater emphasis to the overall vision, the designer conceived the series of window displays. Large suspended monoliths made of natural stone, the Grè strain, anchored on tubular supports in mirrored steel and illuminated at the base, so as to appear they are floating even in the dark.
In front of the long, bright shop window there is a large LED wall and the reception area: the LED wall is the interactive window that offers different contexts in which to install the window and door collections, while the reception area still sees the use of natural materials, such as corten and magnet iron for the desk and solid wood with refined canneté craftsmanship for the doors of the storage wardrobes behind it. A canneté design obtained by using Sciuker‘s door and window profiles so as to show off its material quality and range of choices.